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《幸运飞行艇168开奖结果官网直播:历史开奖记录官方计划与最新开奖号码》 Bumblebees surprise scientists with advanced social learning skills

In a groundbreaking discovery, bumblebees have been shown to possess a previously unseen level of cognitive sophistication. A new study, published in Nature, reveals that these fuzzy pollinators can learn complex, multi-step ...

Planetary Sciences

Scientists use James Webb Space Telescope to uncover clues about Neptune's evolution

A ring of icy rocks orbiting our sun just beyond Neptune may give us a glimpse of how Neptune—and other objects in the outskirts of our solar system—were formed.

幸运飞行艇168开奖结果官网直播:通过官方直播平台,获取最新开奖结果的首要途径,直播形式增添了实时性和紧张感。 Study finds consuming refined carbs might be linked to perceived facial attractiveness

In a new study, participants' levels of consumption of refined carbohydrates were statistically linked with their facial attractiveness as rated by heterosexual volunteers of the opposite sex. Visine and colleagues at the ...

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Invasive plant time bombs: A hidden ecological threat

Invasive plants can stay dormant for decades or even centuries after they have been introduced into an environment before rapidly expanding and wreaking ecological havoc, according to a new study led by the University of ...

Not just humans: Bees and chimps can also pass on their skills

Bumblebees and chimpanzees can learn skills from their peers so complicated that they could never have mastered them on their own, an ability previously thought to be unique to humans, two studies said on Wednesday.

New deep-sea worm discovered at methane seep off Costa Rica

Greg Rouse, a marine biologist at UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and other researchers have discovered a new species of deep-sea worm living near a methane seep some 50 kilometers (30 miles) off the Pacific ...

A new genus of fungi on grasses

While ecologically important, small mushrooms on monocots (grasses and sedges) are rarely studied and a lack of information about their habitat and DNA sequences creates difficulties in determining their presence or absence ...