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New Jersey Law Enforcement Lodge 169  Lodge Store
Note items will be available at lodge meetings for purchase

Items are for Active members and associate members only. You must give member number before any items will be shipped


      websitephotogallery/FOPHat2.jpg                                             websitephotogallery/Active_member_frame.jpg                                        websitephotogallery/1146.jpeg                                    websitephotogallery/1147a.jpg

    BACKORDER FOP 169 Hats                            Active Member Metal Plate Frame                                        Officer Family                                         Assoc. Members

    $20.00ea. +Ship.                                $20ea.  $35 for 2 incl. Ship. 2 to 3 weeks for Delivery                            $18.50 incl. Ship.                                       $18.50 incl. Ship.


 websitephotogallery/IMG_0058.JPG                               websitephotogallery/IMG_0057.JPG                                        websitephotogallery/IMG_0275.JPG                                   websitephotogallery/FOP169_Banner.jpg

        Gold Metal Card                                Active Mem. stickers                         Assoc. Member Metal Plate Frame                           FOP 169 Personalized Banner

        $15.50ea. +Ship.                                        $2.00ea. +Ship.                                       $20ea. $35 for 2 +Ship.                                                        $100ea.

                                                 websitephotogallery/tshirt7.jpg websitephotogallery/tshirt6.jpg websitephotogallery/tshirt5.jpg websitephotogallery/tshirt4.jpg websitephotogallery/tshirt3.jpg websitephotogallery/tshirt2.jpg                             
                                                                          Shirts $25.00ea.  3XL & $XL $30ea. +Ship.     Sweatshirts $25.00ea. +Ship.